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To be a mobilized ministry that transforms our world for Jesus Christ.

Think Loved Children Mobile Ministry Corp. founded March 27th, 2017 (legally) has been a longtime prayer; but is now a “Amazing Grace” reality. I recently retired from 19 years of owning a beautiful Christian Preschool on January 27th, 2017 . About three years ago I began a serious prayer to God that I believed it was time for me to resign from ownership of my/HIS preschool to a mobile ministry. The overwhelming demands of the agencies I worked for left me without the ability to continue ministry in my/His preschool to the extent it should have been. I had always been available to the children/families but slowly I had to make changes that required me to pull away from my first passion; children/families. I struggled to be obedient as I wanted to have a thankful heart for any capacity God allowed me in working with children/families. The scripture Revelation 3:8 tells us; “I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.” This scripture was etched in my mind and heart. I watched a movie called Facing the Giants where it was spoken and demonstrated to a tired and failing football coach. Since that time; it has become a great verse to me. I only want God to open doors for me and I only want Him to close them. 

So what does all this mean? I will tell you! I am a Missionary earning her wings under the leadership of Pastor John Martin, Bell Shoals Baptist Church. I have a 501C3/Florida Tax Exempt mobile ministry serving like a “tentacle” to help make things happen. I will assist other organizations and I will also be led to do things independently. My main focus will be children with a wide range of needs. This would include things like mentoring, appointments, food delivery, arranging activities, bringing children together and more. Since my retirement, I have purchased two homes and two RV’s that are without debt. This will allow me to facilitate ministry local and a far as my heart beats strongly for the Southern Region. Also, I have family with a great deal of ministry needs in the Virginia. I have begun making connections in the Stuart, Virginia area which connects to the Blue Ridge Mountains leading me to other states.

Locally we have 5 acres that are under review and prayer for a ministry donation. Upon our first meeting, March 25th, it was stood on and prayed over by a group of people ages 4 to 75. A lot of work will be required to make the land available for ministry events. The land will be called “SoulLift”. The name comes from a puppy named Soul that passed away October,2016. Soul demonstrated lifting people up wherever he was. The only time his face was sad was when you didn’t share your food. The land will be used with the intent to be a person or people who lifts the soul of another. Soul was a rescue puppy who died of cancer shortly after his second birthday. In honor of Soul, there will be other rescue puppies in the future.

Through the years, I’ve had people come my way that have inspired and molded me for different reasons. My Aunt Shirley (Brown) Yaden was the first to show me a foundational love and Christ love. She took me in three times during my elementary, middle school and finally my high school years. In between the times of separation from her my life was cloudy, turbulent and with much confusion but I have become thankful for the diversity “I” have experienced as it has given me a heart for others greater than I could ever explain.

My tv heroes were Shirley Temple for her “determination” to do what’s right, John Wayne who was “tough” and handled mischief and Michael Landon who demonstrated “family” love. Mother Teresa was my greatest hero of all times; she was a great example and core truth of what it is to be a missionary. Pastors George Thomasson, John Martin, Stephen Rummage and Charles Stanley have spoken and taught God’s Word to me either through church walls, internet, radio and or personally that I carry with me at all times.

I want to say; I am not perfect, only Jesus is. I will do my best to honor the Word of God and to not fail the ministry in any way. I will with due diligence stretch myself in a healthy way to help and serve others. I will research each project I take on with my best abilities and key advisors to make sure my time and monies given to this organization are spent carefully.

Please look for information of needs of how you can get involved as there will be a wide range of ministry opportunities; as well, ideas for the ministry are very welcome. I always say Prayer is the best donation, offering, act of love you can give; so thank you in advance.

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